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On a day like any school day, kids dragged themselves out of bed, except that this day was a Sunday. Some packed up items, others got dressed, and others had breakfast, and not necessarily in that order. By 6:00 a.m., ROXY dance team members were warming up in the DoubleTree convention hall parking lot. After temperatures were checked and “I’m cool” stickers handed out at the registration desk, costumes and accessories were schlepped upstairs to the dressing rooms. At 8:00 a.m., the Fusion Dance Competition started and all dancers were ready to go.

It was an exciting event, like every competition is, but this was different because all numbers were scheduled on the same day thanks to new COVID protocols. This is why the entire team was able to warm-up together for the first time at a competition since these things are usually spread out over a three-day weekend splitting up the dancers by age group. There were no workshops or mobs of dancers showing off embroidered team gear, but the excitement was still real. The only thing that felt “normal” about the event was that there was one other studio in attendance, maybe to maintain the competitive effect.

First-time competitors and veterans alike, some as young as 8 years old, performed as much for each other as for the adjudicators. Soloists, duos/trios, and small & large groups channeled their inner divas for this return to in-person competing. By 11:00 a.m., awards were announced and everything wrapped up neatly. As families exited the ballroom, Fusion staff were already prepping for a later session by sanitizing the rows of chairs.

This competition was like that parking lot warm-up for The ROXY Dance Team, as we face more in-person competitions this year. And if these dancers continue their focused rehearsals, we can expect even more accolades than what they’ve already achieved. Congratulations to our First Place winners with special mentions going to the following numbers and teachers:

• Sucker received the Storybook Award for telling a great story

• Itsy Bitsy received the Perfect Package Award for an all-around spectacular performance

• Speechless received the You Don’t Need to See It to Feel It Award and a scholarship for amazing emotional interpretation

• Baile de la Vela and teacher, Jillian Torgas-Leyva, received the Star Routine Award for 12 & over

• Nawar and teacher, Ms. Renée, received the Choreography Award

• Various other scholarships went to Don’t Stop Me Now, I'm Hip, Mejance, Nawar, Papa Can You Hear Me, and Waving Through a Window


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