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1977 - 2022

George Cabrera coral jacket.jpeg

When someone enters your life and impacts it in surprisingly enriching ways, you do all that you can to cultivate and nurture that new relationship.  Though new to your inner circle, this person feels like you've known them all your life, so you make plans, both elaborate and mundane, as a way to explore your shared aspirations and try to fulfill your dreams, but when that person leaves your life as quickly as they entered it, you wonder if it was even real at all.

The relationships that George cultivated and nurtured were very real and all the people's lives that he touched had pieces of those dreams and goals we all shared with him.  He was the great friend you never knew, and if you were blessed to share his dreams, he brought you in wholeheartedly to help make them come true.  With your donation to the GEORGE CABRERA LATINX NEW WORKS PROGRAM, you are continuing the impact he was making in this, his community, by enriching the lives of LatinX artists as they enrich the lives of others on their artistic journies.

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