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Roxy Classes

Acting Clases


The Roxy Theatre Group offers the Best Acting classes in Miami, FL.  Learn everything you need to learn about the TV and Film industry!


Learn improvisation, cold reading, monologuing, and much more!


Designed to teach students how to recognize melody, tempo and pitch in music and how to reproduce a musical selection using all these elements together in a performance while developing control.

Singing Classes
Dancing Classes


Roxy Theatre Group offers a variety of dance classes that will give you the confidence and skill you need to succeed. Choose from Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Acro (Tumbling), Belly Dancing, Lyrical/Contemporary, Pointe, or Technique. 

Musical Theatre

Students are taught the same techniques that make any Broadway musical possible- acting, singing and dance.

There is as much work done on interpretation, being a highly dramatic art, as there is on endurance of the performer, being that the interpretation can only be effectively accomplished by skillfully combining the acting, singing and dance.

Musicl Theatre Classes
Live to Perform
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