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Dance team costumes are carefully selected by ROXY dance teachers, in collaboration with our costuming department, spearheaded by the Executive Director and Programs Director, Roxy and Ana, respectively. Each look adds special flair and character to the dance experience. The main goal of costuming is to make each dancer feel like they are part of the most professional performance possible. For this reason, each costume has a special touch, a custom stone design that will make it unique. The design is a collaborative effort between The ROXY’s costume department and Roxy moms.

Dance competition season is also “bling it on” season when the moms get together to have “stoning parties” to create masterpieces for each Dance Team number competing. This has been a challenge since the pandemic prevented them from getting together to work and design IRL (in real life), but where there’s a will, there is a way; FaceTime, Zoom, and WhatsApp to the rescue. Virtual stoning marathons helped complete all designs and finish the costumes. Dance Teams are now ready to shine like stars on stage. Good luck, ROXY Teams!


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