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Tap Classes

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From its roots in African rhythms, tap became a very popular form of dance characterized by tapping sounds created from metal plates that are attached to both the ball and heel of a dancer’s shoe.

Tap has made a resurgence in recent years with popular shows like “Bring In Da’ Noise, Bring In Da’ Funk” and groups like Tap Dogs. We specialize in this form of dance, integrating the various styles as presented by well known tappers such as Gregory Hines, Savion Glover and today’s hot stars that tour the country hosting workshops like JUMP and “Tap the Map.”

Ages 3 to 17 years.

Required: Students must supply their own tap shoes.

Ballet Classes

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This classical dance style, invented and popularized by Louis IVX of France, uses formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement. Our classes integrate the techniques that have evolved since then, from the classical French style to the Russian “Ballet Russes” style evident in the Bolshoi Ballet and influencing great dancers like Barishnikov.  Dramatic interpretation and style is key in all ballet classes and required for any student who wishes to become a Dance Team Member.

Ages 3 to 17 years.


Female students-ballet shoes, pink tights and black leotards.

Male students-ballet shoes.

Jazz Classes

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Born in early America from various musical traditions, including European and African roots, this style of dance has evolved into many styles, but most popularly done to pop music.

Jazz is a technical form that helps dancers stretch and strengthen, and also work on their turns, leaps and dance technique. Not an easy style to master, but like ballet, it forms the basis for many other forms of dance including the popular Hip-Hop.

Ages 6 to 17 years.

Required: Jazz sneakers or footwear.

Hip Hop Classes

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A “street” style of dance often seen in music videos, it is a less technical and more high-energy style of dance that is done wearing street clothes and sneakers. This is a constantly evolving form of dance that is very much based on the popular trends in music and fashion. An easy style to pick up, hip-hop requires a positive attitude and a lot of endurance.

Ages 5 to 17 years.

Required: Sneakers, yo!

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Focusing on the tumbling, aerial flips and tricks that may be incorporated in performances of all types, Acro is a great intro to being more flexible and enhancing your performance styles. Students learn to change their centers of balance attempting handstands, round-offs and even front flips. Being that it is an introductory class, instruction moves at your pace, but advanced techniques are available for practice.

Ages 3 to 17 years.

Required: Comfortable clothes.

Belly Dancing

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This is a traditional form of dance from the Middle East, characterized by movements of the abdominal muscles and hips.  Belly dancing has become very popular in recent years as another form of exercise and much of the technique we offer is explored and explained further informing the student on the proper interpretations possible through this once-traditional style of dance.

Students will get the opportunity to work with various props customary of this style and will most likely find themselves performing for various audiences, not limited to Roxy Theatre Group families.

Ages 5 to 17 years.

Required: Students will be advised as to what props and class attire they will need to supply.

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Lyrical/Contemporary Classes

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A slower-paced expressive type of jazz dance that incorporates ballet technique with the creativity of modern dance.

It is highly suggested that students have ballet or jazz technique experience prior to registering for this class. Interpretation is a major component in this style of dance.

“Contemporary” is the name now used for what used to be called Modern Dance, recently found in mainstream culture in Broadway productions like Contact, and the Twyla Tharp choreographed Moving Out, featuring the music of Billy Joel, and Come Fly Away, featuring the music of Frank Sinatra.

Ages 7 to 17 years.

Required: Jazz shoes or foot paws.

Pointe Classes

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This is an advanced form of ballet technique performed on special shoes called pointe shoes which permits dancers to go up on their toes. Aside from interpretation, endurance and discipline are key to succeeded in this class.

This class is available by teacher recommendation only.

Technique Classes

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This is strictly a technical class that works on jazz-based turns and leaps, etc.  It is required that a dancer have had approximately two (2) years of jazz experience prior to registering for this class.

Ages 12 to 17 years.

Required: Two (2) years of jazz experience.

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